Farah Networking


Brand identity, web design, and development for Farah Networking, a new platform that creates personalised business connections.

Graphic Design, Web Development, UI/UX

Farah Networking
Farah Networking is a new online service looking to make networking simple, personal and more inclusive. I designed a logo and brand identity for the company that communicates its inclusive, gentle, and warm approach to networking. In addition, I developed their website and backend technical infrastructure so that customers can be guaranteed to have a smooth and welcoming experience at all touchpoints of their journey.
Design Process
Networking is a powerful tool that should be simple and accessible to all. But with complicated networking schemes, competitive environments, and distracting add-ons, existing networking structures have been unproductive and exclusionary to most. Farah Networking is a new online networking community that's designed to enhance networking through personalised connections and soft business interactions.

I was approached to design a logo and brand identity system for the company that communicates its core values of approachability and inclusivity. In addition, I developed a website for their customers to easily find and book events and the back end technical infrastructure to improve the company's operations. The brand system uses vibrant yet soft colours to signify the ease of networking with Farah and expand the company's reach to a younger and more creative market. The use of soft shadows and subtle glow further adds to the warmth that Farah Networking wanted to convey. And the use of diverse and inclusive illustrations across the website communicates Farah's ethos that networking can and should be for everyone.

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